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“I was looking for a quality used forklift for our warehouse and everywhere else I called the prices were too high but these guys had a whole selection of trucks that fit our specifications at a great price. ”
Alex Hunt, Toronto
“Very flexible and easy to deal with. They actually helped us chose a forklift that was ideal for the job and even cheaper than our budget. Highly recommended!”
Dave Sultana, Mississauga
“This is our 3rd forklift truck purchase from here and we couldn’t be happier with price and selection. They have something for everyone and always go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect.”
Sirish Chunara, Brampton

There are many forklifts dealers in Toronto and it is important to choose yours wisely. You want to make sure that the forklifts for sale offered by the dealer are in great condition, that servicing/maintenance is easily arranged and, of course, that there is a comprehensive warranty on the lift trucks. The last point is particularly important when buying used forklifts.

Toronto has a large market for forklifts and therefore it is possible to find diesel, electric, propane or any other lift truck type at a good price and in great condition. For example, our company gets used forklifts continuously and always has something in stock that can satisfy any criteria. The forklifts dealers in Toronto are also generally authorised to sell new models by specific brands.

If you are not sure what kind of forklift you require, a good lift trucks dealer will be able to go over your needs with you and recommend something to fit those needs. Let the dealer know where you plan to use the forklift, width of isles, size of load, whether you prefer electric forklift or diesel forklift, etc. The dealer should take into account your budget, scale of job and any other special considerations you have and make a recommendation based on those.

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